Loving bacon to death

For those that want bacon for well, all of eternity you will be pleased. You can now make that happen. Seriously wrap yourself in bacon even after the sad moment you keel over.

J&D’s foods have created this signature coffin for every bacon lover. When the time comes the plush interior will hold you in your eternal slumber and along the outside the bacon coffin has a bacon and pork shading accented by gold handles, bacon art to die for which fortunately you’ll already be dead and so will not have to go to such lengths. Yeah it’ll be underground and no one will see it except at the funeral but work with me here it’s a bacon coffin.


This bacon casket comes with a memorial and record tube, adjustable bed so you can be inclined in that oh so comfortable position and most importantly bacon air freshener so you’ll smell nice while your body isn’t smelling so nice.

You may think I’m joking but I assure you I am not. For just shy of $3000 you can be buried in the bacon casket. The proof is in the pudding errr bacon.

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