They have bacon jerky?????

I love bacon!

A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...

I especially love bacon that is unsweetened or uncured. I love love love salty bacon. I have a love for beef jerky too! 

Usually teriyaki flavor but I when I saw bacon jerky in the grocery story I was extremely excited. Salty and sweet bacon in a chewy jerky, Oh heck yeah I was all for it.

I came home and sat down at my desk, not even waiting to put away the groceries before ripping the package open. I looked inside and saw the bacon and thought “this looks like microwave bacon”. I was not happy, I hate microwave bacon. What I hate worse than microwave bacon is cold bacon that has grease congealed on it. Even worse then that apparently I hate bacon jerky.

I was so disappointed. I had such high hopes that this jerky would be thick and chewy with the right amount of flavoring. You know smoky and salty with just a smidge of maple flavor dried into it. What I got was a bunch of gooey microwave bacon with no flavor dumped in a bag.  I could have bought microwave bacon for a dollar at the same store, but nope I bought a bag of it for almost five bucks.


At least the dogs got a treat. I won’t buy it again and I do not recommend it to anyone else. It is a huge giant rip off!


Well the dogs may have given an A++ to this bacon product, but our newest addition to the #SlavetothePig Review Team, Miss Kuntry Bacon Bits aka Leanne from Random Reviews by Leanne most definitely flunks this misbegotten and miserable attempt from Obierto to jump on the Bacon Wagon of Love.


Makin’ Bacon safe – use J&D’s Bacon Condoms™


J&D’s Bacon Condoms™J&D’s Bacon Condoms™ is the second in the line of products for bacon lovers by J&D’s, a Seattle based company. Some how I find it amusing that $100K will be shelled out for creator the next and greatest condom from Bill Gates and since he has been rumored to no longer eat meat… well you do the spin! Seattle is nothing if not the pit of all things depraved, I should know I have danced with just electrical tape to cover my nipples on the same dance floor after hours with some of the greats in a club which used to house St. Anthony’s Crosses and shackles! Gotta love it! BUT now, those clubs would have been safe with bacon condoms!

J&D’s Bacon Condoms™ are proudly Made in America of the highest quality latex. Every Bacon Condom has been rigorously tested to help ensure reliability and the utmost safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon. As an added bonus, J&D’s baconlube™ ultra premium water based meat flavored personal lubricant (which does come in six-packs for the low low price of 60 buckaroos) has been generously applied inside and out for an even more hot pork experience.

FACT – Each year 5 billion condoms are sold worldwide, 450 million in the US alone and exactly zero look, feel or taste like Bacon – until now.

Old Man and the Se.. #Bacon

All I want for Christmas is BACON PORN!


(From Natalie Luder’s Artist Site)

Made by Natalie Luder

Fou Lard

Fou Lard [fu ? l? ? d] 

The French word for silk foulard is. The word consists of (crazy) from fou and lard (fat).

About 1500 years ago was a Chinese silkworm to France to produce silk. In the land of the “bon vivant” she found herself accidentally in a butchery on a nice slice of bacon again.Hmm, how nice and soft and tasty, the vegetarian’m surprised and began frantically to spin their cocoons. 

The cocoon was awakened bigger and bigger and soon the attention of the woman of the butcher, a very elegant lady. This bacon but it looks crazy, she thought, and she already noticed the little mite, who felt quite comfortable in his new paradise. I’ll make the most out of your silk scarf, and she promised to feed the silkworm with the best bacon pieces, they could lay. Three months later, she was the proud owner of the most brilliant silk scarves, which she lovingly called my “padding”. 

Fou Lard [fu ? l? ? d]
The French word for a silk scarf is foulard. The word is composed by fou (insane) and lard (bacon). 

About 1500 years ago a Chinese silkworm found his way to France to produce silk in Europe.In the country of the “bon vivants” it accidentally landed in a butcher’s shop on top of a slice of bacon. Hmm, so soft and tasty, thought the vegetarian with surprise and with verve started to build a cocoon.

As the cocoon grew more and more the butcher’s wife, a sophisticated lady catches an eye on it. Is this bacon going insane, she thought but shortly after she spotted the little worm who found itself in a new paradise. I will make the most beautiful scarf from your silk, she promised and kept feeding the silkworm with the best bits of bacon she could find. After three months she was proudly wearing the most shiny silk scarf that she would call with my affection “foulard”. 

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Bacon Wrapped Turkey in Pear Cider

RECIPE / HOW TO VIDEO from CHOW (image also from CHOW)

Venison Bacon Burgers II Recipe Yummly


Venison Bacon Burgers II Recipe Yummly.

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

We aren’t the only ones who love the meat candy. Nutmeg Nanny does too and she took that meaty goodness and combined it with carbs and calories. Tasty tasty. Check out her awesome creation.


Bacon Wrapped Oreos | Eatapedia

 Bacon Wrapped Oreos | Eatapedia.

So, I’ve been wanting to do something a little different with bacon. I bought double-Stuff Oeros and froze them. Wrapped one oreo in one slice of halved, slightly warmed bacon. (Warm (room temp) bacon wraps much nicer than stuff right out of the fridge.) I would normally have put these on a Traeger and smoked them for a couple of hours, but I had the Weber Smokey Mountain going, and I was cooking a couple of chickens for supper, so I just put them in there. I made sure that any drips would not hit the birds below and let them rock!

The results were as you would expect: AWESOME. Like Oreo Bacon! You have to let them sit for a spell, as the bacon drippings soften the cookie as though it were dunked in liquid pig. Once the fat cooled off, the cookie solidified nicely. My heart is beating a little harder this evening, as I write this…shut up, Stupid Ticker! This is fun!

Next time: More bacon. This stuff was a little thinner than I wanted.

Tundra Tart here! Hey from the Cabin Goddess’ cabin, I plan on making these with the cabin-licious babe but we are going to dip them in hot toffee and then dip them again in chocolate and even perhaps sprinkle them with some sea salt… hmmm till than, go make a bacontini and enjoy your weekend! THANKS to the folks at I now have some GREAT desserts to grill!

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North: Bacon: Duster Meat Sticks


North: Bacon: Duster Meat Sticks.

This is called MAKIN’ BACON, a pure honor to another #SlaveToThePig. We here at salute you!

So along with some soft-cooked cheesy chive eggs, I made “Duster Bacon”
It didn’t write down any exact measurements, but the recipe is flexible with good results. About a half cup brown sugar in a pyrex dish. I added (1 tsp) fresh ground black pepper, 2 tsp onion powder (not salt), 1/2 tsp powdered cayenne pepper. Mix.  I added enough water to make the mix into a slurry. Added a tsp of molasses. Nuked it for about a minute or two – enough to make the mix into a hot syrup.

I coated all of the bacon (two pounds) and then broiled the bacon on drip racks.

Net result: Crunchy, Hot, and Sweet.


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For Jessica, my other Bacon Bunneh Bitch #slavetothepig

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