Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

We aren’t the only ones who love the meat candy. Nutmeg Nanny does too and she took that meaty goodness and combined it with carbs and calories. Tasty tasty. Check out her awesome creation.


Bacon the cure all

For Jessica, my other Bacon Bunneh Bitch #slavetothepig

I have just discovered Bacon confectioneries. Sweet, sweet bacon made even sweeter.

Take a look at these


Is that not a thing of beauty? And the Menu omg yum

Chocolate bacon
White chocolate bacon
Chocolate bacon with bacon!   Why yes I want more bacon on my bacon
Bacon Marshmallow bars
Bacon Brownies
Bacon pecan walnut pie

That’s just some of the awesome and right now there is a deal on in Dallas anyway not sure if it’s nationwide to join the bacon of the month club.

For $99 you get three months of yummy bacon goodies, a sample pack of best sellers, a secret menu item, a cutting board and limited edition t-shirt to show off your bacon love.

Check out for tasty bacon in all kinds of new forms and for this deal. Offer is good till June 20th

Bacon Alaska

Behold get fucked up and fat on bacon.

THE ULTIMATE BLT – Bacon, Slow Roasted Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich with Spicy Aioli « FoodPornDaily


Bacon, Slow Roasted Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich with Spicy Aioli « FoodPornDaily.

Bacon Pirate Ninjas

The only way secret pirate Ninjas eat their bacon

How To Make Maple Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon | Ballistic BBQ

HOLY SHIT I am so going to go down and get me some pork bellies! It may save some money here at the old homestead…. so what say you, wanna take the Makin’ Bacon Challenge? Ballistic BBQ has been added to the porn file!


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All bacon, all the time

Welcome to the wonderful magical world of meat candy. I the other blogger in this bacon en devour Jessica of Jess resides here will do my small part to find you awesome bacon porn, recipes and bacon chat to entertain and induce serious stomach rumbling. So get your fry pan ready your in for a treat.

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Hey Porker, relax we are getting to it!

Bacon remembrance ribbonBacon remembrance ribbon


This is only the first day in the world of Bare with the two Bacon Whores as we gather our sources and wits and stop dipping the bacon into Nutella long enough to focus on giving all you bacon aficionados out there what you desire and need.. more bacon porn!



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