Bacon pizza

What happens when you discover that you can buy for a couple dollars prepared pizza dough. You buy that dough of course and use up some of the meat candy you have stock piled.

Take that bacon and chunk dice it. Cook partially, raw on pizza bad, over cooked means burned when in the oven. Check it out.

Now that you have the dough and the bacon you put the goodness together.

Spread that dough out on an oiled pan preferably pizza pan. Slap some sauce on that baby, I had store bought, sprinkle with cheese¬†mozzarella is good. Onion and peppers though you can and should use whatever toppings you like. Then you throw all that meat candy goodness on top. Drizzle with a tiny bit of oil the good kind don’t go cheap here. Stick in a pre heated oven and then once the dough is cooked all the way to the yummy center you eats it all up.

This is what you end up with. Bacon pizza. Eat and be merry :)

GIMME YOUR BACON... errrr leave me a comment!

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